• Sunrise Lofts


    Located at 3101 McKinney, in the heart of EaDo.  Sunrise Lofts will be an 89-unit housing complex for youth aging out of foster care. According to Tejano Center CEO Tamez, “Sunrise Lofts will provide a safe, healthy and comfortable environment, in which these vulnerable youth will be able to take charge of their lives, develop independent living skills, be prepared to enter the workforce, and become productive members of society.”

    Transitional age youth is often an overlooked demographic. Most supportive housing projects focus on traditional housing or rehousing of the homeless population but do not address the issue from a proactive perspective. When transitioning out of foster care, young people face an inordinate number of challenges and shortage of support.  They lag behind their general population peers when it comes to graduating high school or getting a job. Sunrise Lofts will not simply re-house youth aging out of foster care but will work to prevent these youth from becoming homeless, altogether. Sunrise Lofts will provide what are commonly referred to as “wraparound services” to be facilitated through a case-management system.  The services would address such things as developing like skills: how to open and manage a bank account (financial literacy); making healthy choices when grocery shopping; and how to do laundry. Case managers would also facilitate developing skills needed both in and out of the workplace, including: communication, resiliency, decision-making, cooperation, ability to accept constructive criticism, time-management, and technology. Services will also include job/workforce training and employment.  The goal is to create a paradigm shift among the youth, that their to-date life circumstances will not dictate their future, and they will be empowered to thrive as productive and contributing members of society.