NOVA Academy for Adult Education

NOVA Academy


    for ESL, GED and Basic Digital Skills Classes


                   Mission: Tejano Center for Community Concerns       

                  NOVA Academy for Adult Education  provides high quality, innovative education, leading to

                   student success and completion of  workforce and academic programs.


    The courses provided include:

    ·         ESL In an English as a Second Language (ESL) class, students are taught reading, listening, speaking and writing at three levels: Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced

    ·         TxCHSE -  The Texas Certificate of High School Equivalency (TxCHSE) Test is offered to members of our community. Our program is designed for native and non-native speakers who want to improve their language skills and gain core academic skills needed to obtain a HSE. All subjects (Math, Social Studies, Language, Reading) pertaining to the TxCHSE Test are taught in one class.

    ·         Digital Literacy Classes- In collaboration with Unidos US, Tejano Center offers a foundational digital literacy program for Latino and Latina adults interested in developing their digital literacy. This course teaches basic computer skills, including computer hardware, internet exploration, safety and security skills, digital solutions for life functions, digitized communication, social media, common applications, software, and websites.



    Digital Skills Class


    For more information, complete the interest form at, or call 713-640-3709.